the Compartmented Robust Posix C++ Unit Test system


The main function of crpcut which runs all selected tests

Used in: Typically the main function of the test program.

The prototype is:

int crpcut::run(int argc, char *argv[], std::ostream& out = std::cerr)


int crpcut::run(int argc, const char *argv[], std::ostream& out = std::cerr)

The return value is -1 if anything was printed to out, i.e. if the command line parameters in argv were in error, or a listing of tests were requested (see -l / --list.) Otherwise the return value is the number of failed tests.

A typical main() function is :
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
  return crpcut::run(argc, argv);
It is easy to write, and makes for good integration with tools for automation, since it is easy to capture test programs with failed tests.