the Compartmented Robust Posix C++ Unit Test system

Chapter 3. Building and Installing

Running cmake

Before going on with the actual building, you need to run CMake. Create a temporary directory, which will be referred to as the <build-directory>.

Now, step by step

         bash > cd <build-directory>

  2. Run CMake with the parameters mentioned above. For example, with <build-directory>=/tmp/crpcut-1.9.4, support for google-mock installed in a directory not known to CMake, and with <prefix-dir> just next to google-mock.

         bash > cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debug -DWITH_GOOGLE_MOCK \
         > -DGOOGLE_MOCK_DIR=/usr/local/development-tools/gmock \
         > -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local/development-tools/crpcut \
         > /tmp/crpcut-1.9.4

    The output should look something like:

    -- The C compiler identification is GNU
    -- The CXX compiler identification is GNU
    -- Check for working C compiler: /usr/bin/gcc
    -- Check for working C compiler: /usr/bin/gcc -- works
    -- Detecting C compiler ABI info
    -- Detecting C compiler ABI info - done
    -- Check for working CXX compiler: /usr/bin/c++
    -- Check for working CXX compiler: /usr/bin/c++ -- works
    -- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info
    -- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info - done
    -- Performing Test HAVE_CXX0X
    -- Performing Test HAVE_CXX0X - Success
    -- Looking for clock_gettime()
    -- Looking for clock_gettime() - not found
    -- Looking for clock_gettime in rt
    -- Looking for clock_gettime in rt - found
    -- Looking for mach_absolute_time
    -- Looking for mach_absolute_time - not found
    -- Looking for getitimer
    -- Looking for getitimer - found
    -- Looking for gettimeofday
    -- Looking for gettimeofday - found
    *** compiling with support for valgrind
    -- Configuring done
    -- Generating done
    -- Build files have been written to: /tmp/crpcut-1.9.4

  3. Now you are ready to build crpcut All it takes is to run make.

         bash > make

    The output from make is too much to list here.

  4. Run the self test, if you can. Before you start it, make sure the machine is lightly loaded.

    If you run the self test on a very slow computer, like a net book, timeout tests are likely to fail.

    The self test includes a lot of timeout tests, which can be affected by the load on the host. The self test may take up to a minute to run, with all those timeout tests under many different configurations.

         bash > make selftest

    Again, the output is a bit much to list here.

  5. You are now ready to install crpcut Installation is done by running make install. Make sure you have write permission to <prefix-dir>.

The file <build-directory>/install_manifest contains a list of every file installed, should you want to remove them.

Now that the installation is done, you may want to get on with writing tests.